Acre Coalition to Improve Our Neighborhood The Acrefest $2,025
Acre Family Child Care 3rd Annual Greater Lowell Pre-K STEAM Fair $2,000
Angkor Dance Troupe 2015 Master Residency $3,000
Boys and Girls Club of Greater Lowell Art & Youth Connection $2,350
Coalition for a Better Acre Acre After School with CBA and Lowell Makes $2,000
Coalition for a Better Acre Community Cleaning & Recycled Garden Art $1,000
Cultural Organization of Lowell The COOL Street Team $2,625
DIY Lowell DIY Lowell 2016 Community Idea Summit and Projects $3,000
Andrew Duncan Collaborative Painting $1,500
Nikki Giraffo  Intuit Lowell $1,500
Nikki Giraffo Community Mural Crew $2,000
Girls Incorporated of Greater Lowell To The Beat of Kerouac $3,000
Mary Hart Eyesores to Icons: Transforming Transformers $1,500
Mary Hart Downtown First Thursdays $1,000
Jay Hungate Hungate Kinetic Sculpture $1,100
J.G. Pyne Arts Magnet School Water Life of Cambodia, Phase 2 $2,000
Lowell High School Nurturing Traditional Artistry and Excellence $1,000
Lowell High School Merrimack Repertory Theatre $850
Lowell Philharmonic Orchestra Lowell Philharmonic Orchestra Fall Concert $1,097
Lowell Southeast Asian Water Festival Lowell Southeast Asian Water Festival $3,000
Making Art With Artists Making Art With Artists: Launch of Adult Art Progr $1,000
Making Art With Artists Making Art With Artists: School Vacation Program  $2,000
Crystal McCarthy Lowell Transitional Living Center Community Librar $1,115
Merrimack Repertory Theatre Free Childcare at MRT $1,000
Merrimack Repertory Theatre Student Matinee Series $3,000
Donna Miceli Celebrating National Dance Day at the Lowell Folk $2,000
Mill City Grows Harvest Festival Live Art $1,500
Mill City Grows Eagle Art $1,500
Mindy Dopler Nelson Lowell Artistic Bike Racks $3,000
Jack Neary Greater Lowell Music Theater Season Four $500
Eddie Ocasio Salsa in the Park in Lowell $1,500
Barbara Poole Dye House $1,000
St. Patrick School and Educational Center Field Trip to the Tsongas Industrial History Cente $370
The Luna Theater Luna Sessions $1,000
The Marble Collection, Inc. The Marble Collection, Inc. $200
The Miracle Providers Northeast/The Onyx Room The Onyx Room $2,500
Tobias Marx Trailer Chat $1,000
UMass Lowell String Project We’ve Got the World on a String: Documentary Film $1,500
UTEC (United Teen Equality Center) Sound Recording Instruction for Proven-Risk Youth $1,500
Whistler House Museum of Art Multi-Cultural Youth Summer Art Program $3,000
Alan Williams Birdsong At Morning Weekly Musical Performances $1,000
Youth Dance Company Bridges: Take the Spotlight in Life and Career $1,500